Youth Catchers Gear

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10 min readJun 18, 2024


Welcome to our Youth Catchers Gear roundup! In this article, we’ll be showcasing the best catcher’s gear designed specifically for young players. Whether you’re a parent looking to outfit your new baseball or softball star, or a coach seeking quality equipment for your team, we’ve got you covered. We’ve carefully curated this list to ensure that you find the perfect gear for your young catcher, helping them feel confident and ready to play. So, let’s dive in and explore the top youth catchers gear on the market today!

The Top 5 Best Youth Catchers Gear

  1. Under Armour Youth PTH Victory Series Catcher’s Set — Baseball Safety Gear — Protect your aspiring catcher with the Under Armour Senior PTH Victory Series Catcher’s Set, featuring SEI-certified gear for ultimate safety and comfort.
  2. Rawlings Youth Baseball Catchers Gear for Ages 9–12 — Stay cool and comfortable in the heat of the game with Rawlings Youth Players Series Catcher’s Set, featuring moisture-wicking technology and NOCSAE-compliant protection for ages 9–12.
  3. Easton Black Magic 2.0 Junior Youth Baseball Catcher’s Set (Helmet, Chest Protector, Leg Guards) — 2020 — Easton Black Magic 2.0 catcher’s gear offers a junior youth a comfortable, reliable, and protective baseball experience with dual-density foam chest protection, double-knee leg guards, and a robust ABS shell helmet.
  4. Rawlings Velo 2.0 Catcher’s Gear for Youth Baseball Players — The Rawlings Velo Catcher’s Gear Set combines style and performance with advanced features like NOCSAE certification, Tri-tech padding, and Arc reactor core technology, making it the ideal choice for youth catchers.
  5. Wilson EZ Gear 2.0 Youth Baseball Catcher’s Gear Kit — Small/Medium — The Wilson EZ Gear 2.0 Catcher’s Gear Kit is a protective, ergonomic option designed for young catchers, with easy QuickChange technology and a premium ABS shell helmet.

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Under Armour Youth PTH Victory Series Catcher’s Set — Baseball Safety Gear


Equipped for the field, the Under Armour Senior PTH Victory Series Catcher’s Set exudes style and functionality in equal measure. Ideal for youth aged 12–16, this comprehensive set includes a helmet, chest protector, leg guards, and throat guard.

Designed with safety in mind, SEI certifications ensure that the chest protector and helmet meet specific safety standards, while the leg guards provide additional padding for extra comfort. As the final inning approaches and the tension mounts, you can rest easy knowing your all-star is well-prepared and secure in this top-notch catcher’s gear.

Rawlings Youth Baseball Catchers Gear for Ages 9–12


The Rawlings PLCSY catcher’s set is an economical option for outfitting youth players aged 9–12 with top-quality protective gear. With a COOLFLO hockey-style helmet featuring Pro Dri Plus moisture-wicking technology, your player will stay cool and comfortable during games. The leg guards boast reinforced double knees for optimal protection and comfort. The adjustable chest protector comes with velcro straps for easy on and off, making it suitable for younger players.

This set meets NOCSAE standards and is available in a variety of sizes to accommodate a wide range of young players. While some users mentioned that the chest protector may be a bit large for smaller children, overall, the Rawlings Youth Players Series catcher’s set is well-received by parents and players alike for its protective features and affordable price.

Easton Black Magic 2.0 Junior Youth Baseball Catcher’s Set (Helmet, Chest Protector, Leg Guards) — 2020

Introducing the Easton Black Magic 2.0 Catcher’s Set for Junior and Youth players, a top-notch gear set to elevate your child’s baseball experience! This comprehensive set boasts a stylish ABS shell helmet with a steel cage and dual-density foam, ensuring maximum safety and comfort for your young catcher.

The chest protector, crafted with foam padding, offers outstanding protection for your child’s torso, while the leg guards feature double knee protection to safeguard their legs during intense games. Available in youth and junior youth sizes, this set comes in an eye-catching black color, making it a perfect fit for any aspiring baseball catcher!

With a Model Year of 2020, the Easton Black Magic 2.0 Catcher’s Set is designed for baseball enthusiasts aged 8 to 10 years old. It is well-suited for those seeking exceptional gear at an affordable price point. This versatile set can be easily adjusted to accommodate growth, allowing your child to use it for multiple seasons.

As the perfect starting point for young catchers, the Easton Black Magic 2.0 Catcher’s Set is an excellent choice for baseball beginners. Its high-quality construction ensures optimal performance and protection on the field. Don’t miss out on this fantastic baseball catcher’s gear — the Easton Black Magic 2.0 is your child’s ticket to a world of excitement and growth in the world of baseball!

Rawlings Velo 2.0 Catcher’s Gear for Youth Baseball Players

The Rawlings Velo Youth Catchers Set offers a perfect blend of style and substance, designed for maximum performance and a comfortable fit. With its two-tone fade in an eye-catching colorway, the set not only looks great on the field, but also protects young players with the help of NOCSAE certification and advanced impact management systems.

The catcher’s mask features CoolFlo venting for increased air flow, while the Velo chest protector and leg guards are made with high-quality materials for ultimate protection and mobility. If you’re looking for a reliable, stylish, and functional gear set for your aspiring catcher, the Rawlings Velo Youth Catchers Set is a great choice.

Wilson EZ Gear 2.0 Youth Baseball Catcher’s Gear Kit — Small/Medium

The Wilson EZ Gear 2.0 catcher’s gear kit is a must-have for young players looking for a protective and comfortable experience behind home plate. Designed with a focus on ergonomics, the kit includes a premium grade ABS shell helmet, an adjustable chest protector, and leg guards that keep young catchers secure during gameplay.

One of the standout features of the EZ Gear 2.0 is its easy on and off design, thanks to Wilson’s QuickChange technology and hook and loop closure. This allows youth ball players to quickly switch between playing on the field and being in the dugout, keeping them ready for action whenever they’re needed.

The kit’s protection is also commendable, as the ABS helmet, form-fitting chest protector, and adjustable leg guards provide the right balance between protection and comfort. However, some users have noted that the gear’s overall durability leaves something to be desired, as elastic straps and Velcro can wear down quickly.

In conclusion, the Wilson EZ Gear 2.0 catcher’s gear kit offers an ergonomic fit, ease of use, and a sense of security for young players looking to make their mark behind home plate. While durability may be an area of improvement, the kit’s affordable price point and focus on comfort for budding catchers make it an appealing choice for those just starting their baseball journey.

Buyer’s Guide

Youth baseball is a growing sport, and as more children get involved, parents are looking for high-quality catcher’s gear to ensure their kid’s safety and comfort while playing. In this buyer’s guide, we will discuss the important features to consider when purchasing a youth catcher’s gear set and provide general advice on making the right choice for your child.

Protection and Comfort

The primary function of catcher’s gear is to protect the young player from incoming balls and other impacts. The gear should offer enough padding to absorb the force of contact and provide a comfortable fit for extended periods. Look for helmets, masks, gloves, and padding items that have been designed specifically for youth catchers. Materials such as impact-resistant foam, molded plastic, and moisture-wicking liners can make a difference in both protection and comfort.

Sizes and Adjustments

Youth catchers gear must be sized correctly to provide proper protection and prevent injuries. Many catcher’s gear sets come in multiple size options, so be sure to measure your child and compare those measurements to the sizing charts provided by the manufacturer. Look for gear that can be easily adjusted for a better fit, including adjustable straps, velcro closures, and locking mechanisms.

Durability and Maintainability

With continued use, catcher’s gear can wear down and may require repair or replacement. Select gear made from durable materials that can withstand the demands of the sport. Additionally, consider products that are easy to clean and maintain, as this can extend the lifespan of the gear and save money in the long run. Many youth catchers’ gear sets come with warranties, so do not hesitate to inquire about the specific coverage and conditions.

Reputation and Reviews

Choosing the right youth catcher’s gear is an investment in your child’s safety and enjoyment of the game. Research the reputation and reviews of the gear you are considering, as this can provide valuable insights into the product’s performance and durability. Look for gear sets that have been endorsed by professional organizations or coaches and have positive feedback from other parents who have already purchased the product.


What age group does youth catchers gear cater to?

Youth catchers gear is designed to cater to kids between the ages of 7 to 14 years old. This age range includes players who are starting to learn the game of baseball and those who have some experience under their belt, ensuring that they have the right equipment to safely and effectively catch fly balls and grounders.

These products are made keeping in mind the specific needs and body structures of young players, ensuring that they experience maximum comfort and convenience while using the gear. Parents can choose from a variety of options in youth catchers gear, ensuring that their child has the best fit and the best protection on the field.

What are the key aspects to consider while purchasing youth catchers gear?

Purchasing youth catchers gear requires consideration of several key aspects. Firstly, consider the age and experience level of the player to ensure that the equipment is appropriate in terms of size and safety features. Also, look for gear made from high-quality materials that are durable and capable of withstanding the demands of regular use.

Another important factor to consider is the type of protection offered by the gear. This includes padding for the knees, shins, and elbow areas to minimize the risk of injuries during games. Moreover, ensure that the gear fits correctly and comfortably, allowing for ease of movement while playing. Finally, consider the price range, and opt for a product that provides good value for money and meets the needs of the young player.

What are some of the necessary safety features for youth catchers gear?

Necessary safety features include padding for various parts of the body to absorb the impact of balls and protect the young player from potential injuries. This includes knee and shin pads to shield players from grounders, elbow and wrist guards to protect the arms during slides and dives, and cheek protectors to guard against stray balls.

Another important safety feature is the durability and quality of the materials used in youth catchers gear. Look for products that are well-constructed and capable of withstanding the wear and tear of regular use. Additionally, ensure that the gear is appropriately sized to fit the player, providing maximum comfort and safety.

Why is it important to choose the right size and fit for youth catchers gear?

Choosing the right size and fit for youth catchers gear is crucial for a number of reasons. Firstly, properly-fitting gear allows for maximum comfort and ease of movement for the player during games. This is essential for both their safety and their performance on the field. Gear that is too small or too large can restrict movement and may even impede the player’s ability to catch balls and make plays.

Incorrect sizing can also increase the risk of injury. Youth catchers gear that is too loose or ill-fitting can result in the player’s body becoming entangled in the gear, leaving them vulnerable to injury. On the other hand, gear that is too tight can cause discomfort and potentially lead to skin irritation or chafing. It is therefore essential to choose gear that fits correctly and comfortably, ensuring that the young player can focus on the game and enjoy their time playing catchers.

What are some popular brands and models for youth catchers gear?

There are several popular brands and models for youth catchers gear that can be considered. These include Rawlings, Nike, and Easton, among others. Each brand offers a variety of options in terms of size, style, and material to meet the needs of young players at different age levels and experience levels.

Some popular models include the Rawlings Little Fielder Catcher’s Gear, the Nike Vapor Max Jr. Catcher’s Gear, and the Easton Peyton Catchers Gear. Do your research and read reviews to find the gear that best meets the needs of the young player. Look for features that are important for their safety and comfort, and choose a brand and model that is well-regarded for its quality and durability.

How can I ensure that my child’s youth catchers gear is in good condition and ready to use?

To ensure that your child’s youth catchers gear is in good condition and ready to use, regularly inspect the gear for any signs of wear and tear or damage. This includes checking for loose stitches, tears, or fraying edges. Any damage should be repaired promptly to ensure that the gear is functioning properly and safely.

Additionally, ensure that the gear is clean and well-maintained. This includes washing the gear according to the manufacturer’s instructions, checking the straps and padding for cleanliness and functionality, and regularly checking for any signs of mold or mildew. A well-maintained youth catchers gear will not only provide better protection, but it will also last longer, making it a worthwhile investment for your young player.

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