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Dive into the world of pool thermometers and discover the best options for keeping your pool temperature just right. Our roundup covers a range of top-rated products, ensuring you can find the perfect thermometer to suit your pool and your budget. Get ready to enjoy a comfortable swim in crystal-clear waters with our comprehensive guide to pool thermometers.

The Top 10 Best Pool Thermometers

  1. Wireless Digital Pool Thermometer for Indoor and Outdoor Use — Geevon’s Wireless Pool Thermometer with Indoor Temperature and Humidity Monitor provides accurate readings, easy 3-channel switching, and maximum comfort for indoor and outdoor swimming pools, spas, and hot tubs.
  2. Easy-Read Pool & Spa Thermometer with Fahrenheit and Celsius Display — Stay cool or warm, the Pool Essentials Thermometer features temperature readability in both Fahrenheit and Celsius for an enjoyable pool or spa experience.
  3. Eight-Channel Pool and Spa Remote Sensor with Solar Power Backup — Stay on top of your pool’s temperature with the F007PF Wireless Pool and Spa Thermometer, featuring an 8-channel selector switch, waterproof design, and solar-powered battery life.
  4. Doli Yearning Shatter-Resistant Pool & Pond Water Thermometer — Accurately monitor water temperature with the Doli Yearning Pool Thermometer, a stylish and durable choice for outdoor and indoor use.
  5. La Crosse Wireless Digital Pool Thermometer — Experience an easy-to-read digital wireless pool thermometer with the La Crosse LTV-POOL-INT, offering accurate temperature readings in Fahrenheit and low battery indicator, making it the perfect addition to your pool setup.
  6. Ambient Weather Floating Wireless Waterproof Thermometer for Pools and Spas — WH31PF — Stay comfortable in your pool with the Ambient Weather WH31PF Wireless Waterproof Floating Pool and Spa Thermometer, designed to provide accurate temperature readings and seamless integration with select Weather Stations.
  7. Jumbo Pool Thermometer for Easy Reading — Keep your pool safe and comfortable with the Jed Pool Tools 20–207 Jumbo Easy-Read Thermometer, featuring an ergonomic design and color-coded temperature indicators. A must-have option for pool owners!
  8. Floatable Pool Thermometer: Easy Read, Various Scenarios, Clown Fish Theme — Enjoy accurate temperature readings and vibrant decoration with the MKLZ Pool Thermometer, suitable for various swimming pools, hot tubs, and spas.
  9. Colorful LED Pool Thermometer with Remote Control — Illuminate your pool or backyard with the Mainstays LED Neon Pink Flamingo Pool Thermometer — a unique and chic decoration with an On & Off remote control, adjustable brightness, and auto shut-off for battery conservation.
  10. PoolStyle Large Dip N Read Temperature Thermometer — Get accurate pond temperature readings with the PoolStyle K050CS24, a Dip-N-Read thermometer featuring a large 9–1/2" design and measuring from -10 to 50 degrees Celsius, perfect for any aquatic enthusiast.

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Wireless Digital Pool Thermometer for Indoor and Outdoor Use

Wireless Digital Pool Thermometer for Indoor and Outdoor Use | Image

I recently had the pleasure of trying the Geevon Wireless Pool Thermometer, and I was quite impressed with its ease of use and accuracy. This floating thermometer was a lifesaver during my pool parties, as I could easily keep an eye on the temperatures of both my pool and hot tub from the comfort of my living room.

One of the standout features of this gadget was its ability to support 3 channels, allowing me to monitor the temperatures of three different areas at once. The maximum connection distance of 200 feet also meant I didn’t have to step outside to check the readings.

The Geevon Wireless Pool Thermometer was incredibly easy to read, thanks to its vivid 3.4-inch color LCD display with a 10-second backlight. It had rich functions and a sleek appearance that added convenience to my poolside experiences. I appreciated the thermometer’s high-precision temperature sensor and enhanced antenna technology, which ensured accurate readings.

While the Geevon Wireless Pool Thermometer was mainly designed for pools and hot tubs, I also found it useful for monitoring the temperatures in my spa and aquarium. The thickened sealing ring and anti-corrosion shell ensured that it remained sealed during use, even when exposed to water.

Overall, the Geevon Wireless Pool Thermometer was a wonderful addition to my poolside setup, and I would definitely recommend it to anyone looking to make their pool and hot tub temperatures more manageable.

Easy-Read Pool & Spa Thermometer with Fahrenheit and Celsius Display

Easy-Read Pool & Spa Thermometer with Fahrenheit and Celsius Display | Image

Recently, I had the chance to try out the Pool Essentials Pool & Spa Thermometer and I must say, it’s a game-changer for anyone looking to maintain the ideal water temperature in their pool or spa. The easy-to-read temperature makes it a breeze to ensure the water is just right for a comfortable dip, while the option to display in both Fahrenheit and Celsius is a thoughtful touch for those who prefer a different temperature scale.

One of the standout features is the thermometer’s ability to float or submerge, thanks to the anchor and tether included. This makes it incredibly versatile and convenient to use, whether you’re checking the temperature from the side of the pool or want to place it underwater for a more accurate reading. However, I did notice that it tends to float on top of the water instead of sinking down, which may not provide the most accurate temperature reading.

Despite this minor drawback, the Pool Essentials Pool & Spa Thermometer has proven to be a valuable addition to my poolside routine. The convenient, low-profile design ensures it’s always within reach when I need to check the water temperature, and the quick and easy installation makes it a hassle-free choice for anyone looking to enhance their pool or spa experience. Overall, I’m pleased with my purchase and would definitely recommend this thermometer to others.

Eight-Channel Pool and Spa Remote Sensor with Solar Power Backup

Eight-Channel Pool and Spa Remote Sensor with Solar Power Backup | Image

Dive into the F007PF wireless pool and spa thermometer, designed to monitor the water temperature from eight different locations. This handy gadget not only keeps you informed about the water’s temperature, but it also features a leak-free, water-resistant design with its screw-on lid and double internal gaskets.

And don’t worry about constantly replacing batteries, as this thermometer boasts solar power with a battery backup for a long-lasting performance. So next time you want to ensure your pool and spa are always at the perfect temperature, reach for the reliable F007PF wireless pool and spa thermometer.

Doli Yearning Shatter-Resistant Pool & Pond Water Thermometer

Doli Yearning Shatter-Resistant Pool & Pond Water Thermometer | Image

If you’re in the market for a pool thermometer, consider the Doli Yearning Pool Thermometer. Its unique design and practical features make it stand out from the rest. This versatile device can be used in both outdoor and indoor settings, such as pools, ponds, and baby pools. The Doli Yearning Pool Thermometer is made from eco-friendly materials, ensuring your health and the environment are safe.

One of the key highlights of this thermometer is its ease of use and high accuracy. The quick and accurate readings it provides make it a reliable tool in maintaining the perfect water temperature for your needs. Additionally, its multi-functional use allows for versatility in different settings.

The Doli Yearning Pool Thermometer comes with a user manual to guide you through its proper use. However, it’s essential to note the temperature measurement range it can handle, which is between -10°C to 70°C / 10°F to 160°F. It’s also advised to avoid using it in water temperatures above 70°C (160°F) to prevent damage. Before using the thermometer, ensure there is no damage to avoid any potential issues.

La Crosse Wireless Digital Pool Thermometer

La Crosse Wireless Digital Pool Thermometer | Image

Imagine taking a refreshing dip in your pool on a warm summer day, only to find out it’s too hot for your liking. That’s where the La Crosse Technology LTV-POOL-INT comes in handy! This wireless digital pool thermometer boasts an easy-to-read LCD display, making it simple to keep an eye on your pool’s temperature.

Its battery-powered operation is convenient, and the low battery indicator ensures you never run out of power unexpectedly. However, be prepared to purchase 2 AA alkaline batteries separately, as they are not included in the package. The underwater pool sensor features a twist-on battery cover and a keyhole for securing an additional tether string (sold separately).

Though the La Crosse Technology LTV-POOL-INT can only display temperature in Fahrenheit, it seamlessly connects with La Crosse View Series models with WiFi capability. La Crosse Technology’s brand has been a staple for over 30 years, offering top-notch weather data devices that make life a little easier. As part of the La Crosse family, this wireless digital pool thermometer is an excellent choice for monitoring your pool’s temperature and ensuring your utmost comfort.

Ambient Weather Floating Wireless Waterproof Thermometer for Pools and Spas — WH31PF

Ambient Weather Floating Wireless Waterproof Thermometer for Pools and Spas - WH31PF | Image

The Ambient Weather WH31PF Wireless Waterproof Floating Pool Thermometer has been my go-to device for keeping an eye on my pool’s temperature. The wireless feature is a game changer — it’s so simple to just float it on the water and get an instant temperature reading.

One thing that stood out to me was the battery life. The sealed internal, non-replaceable AA alkaline battery ensures that you won’t have to worry about changing batteries often. However, as I discovered, if the sensor is constantly submerged under a cover, the additional pressure can lead to premature failure. But overall, this is a sturdy little device that does its job well.

The 915 MHz sensor range of up to 300 feet is impressive, especially considering the 60-second refresh rate. The compatibility with various weather stations is also a nice feature, though I haven’t personally used it with one yet.

As for cons, there’s the matter of replacing the sensor every 2–3 years, which can be a bit frustrating. But this is a small price to pay for the convenience and functionality of this device. Overall, the Ambient Weather WH31PF has been a reliable addition to my pool setup.

Jumbo Pool Thermometer for Easy Reading

Jumbo Pool Thermometer for Easy Reading | Image

Behold the Jed Pool Tools Jumbo Easy-Read Thermometer, a poolside essential that’s as stylish as it is functional. With its vibrant design and easy-read display, it effortlessly stands out from the crowd while delivering reliable temperature readings. The durable and strong construction ensures it’ll withstand the test of time, making it an invaluable addition to any pool party.

Despite no user reviews or ratings available, my experience with this pool thermometer has been nothing short of impressive, and it’s a game changer when it comes to maintaining the perfect pool temperature.

Floatable Pool Thermometer: Easy Read, Various Scenarios, Clown Fish Theme

Floatable Pool Thermometer: Easy Read, Various Scenarios, Clown Fish Theme | Image

A few weeks back, I was having a leisurely afternoon by the pool when I spotted this cute floating Clown Fish thermometer. Not only did it add a fun, whimsical touch to the pool, but it also provided an accurate and easy temperature reading for our family to enjoy.

The thermometer is easy to use and incredibly durable. It’s made from a shatter-resistant casing, so even our rowdy kids couldn’t break it. The temperature range it covers is great for both indoor and outdoor pools, spas, hot tubs, and even large aquariums. The thermometer is precise, displaying the temperature in both Fahrenheit and Celsius from a range of 10°F to 160°F / -10°C to 70°C.

One downside is that you need to be careful not to put it into water over 70°C (158℉) to avoid potential damage. And while it doesn’t come with a battery, you can hand wash it easily to keep it clean and looking great for a long time.

Overall, the Clown Fish Pool Thermometer is a fun, practical, and accurate addition to any pool, spa, or hot tub. Highly recommended!

Colorful LED Pool Thermometer with Remote Control

Colorful LED Pool Thermometer with Remote Control | Image

I’ve been using the Mainstays LED Neon Pink Flamingo Pool Thermometer, and boy, it lights up my backyard like a carnival. The first time I turned it on, it was like being surrounded by neon pink flamingos. It’s a unique pool accessory that doubles as a cute tabletop decoration.

The best part is the remote control; it lets me turn the thermometer’s flamingo stand off and on easily. I love its adjustable brightness settings, which help me keep the flamingo looking its best all day long. The thermometer works accurately and is quite easy to read in natural daylight.

However, there are a couple of downsides. First, the brightness of the flamingo can be a bit too much when it’s dark outside, almost overpowering. Second, I’ve noticed that the remote can sometimes interfere with other electronics, like my radio.

Overall, the Mainstays LED Neon Pink Flamingo Pool Thermometer is a fun and functional addition to any pool party or backyard gathering. Despite a few minor drawbacks, it adds a touch of ambiance and a whole lot of fun to the pool.

PoolStyle Large Dip N Read Temperature Thermometer

PoolStyle Large Dip N Read Temperature Thermometer | Image

The Pool Style Dip N Read Thermometer, designed for pond enthusiasts, is a handy tool to measure water temperature effortlessly. Crafted by PoolStyle, it belongs to the Deluxe Series and is identified by the part number PS050. Made of sturdy plastic, this thermometer arrives with a convenient cord, allowing for easy handling and storage.

Featuring a sizeable 9.5" blue body, this device is perfect for those who want a thermometer that’s easy to spot and use. It provides accurate temperature readings from a range of -10 to 50 degrees Celsius, making it a reliable choice for pond owners. Although this pool thermometer doesn’t have any reviews or ratings to reference, its practical design and functionality make it a promising option for anyone seeking a reliable way to monitor their pond’s temperature.

Buyer’s Guide

Heating your pool to the perfect temperature is essential for maintaining a comfortable and enjoyable swimming experience. However, finding the right pool thermometer can be a daunting task. This buyer’s guide will help you understand the key features, considerations, and advice for choosing the best pool thermometer for your needs.

Important Features to Look for in a Pool Thermometer

When selecting a pool thermometer, consider the following features to ensure you get the most accurate and reliable readings possible. These include the type of thermometer, its construction, and additional features it may offer. Some factors to ponder include digital accuracy, float quality, ease of reading, battery life, durability, and water-resistance.

Choosing the Right Type of Pool Thermometer

There are three main types of pool thermometers: manual, digital, and automatic. Manual thermometers require a user to read the temperature by examining the temperature scale, while digital thermometers use an electronic display for easier reading. Automatic thermometers may use solar power for charging or rechargeable batteries to maintain continuous readings. Each type has its advantages and disadvantages, so it’s essential to consider how frequently you’ll check the temperature and your preferred reading method.

Considerations for Pool Thermometer Accuracy

Since pool temperature can vary due to factors such as weather, chemicals, and bather presence, it’s vital to have an accurate reading. Factors determining the accuracy of a pool thermometer are the accuracy of its scale, responsive elements, and calibration. Choose a thermometer with a high-accuracy scale, a responsive element, and a secure calibration, ensuring your pool water is measured accurately.

General Advice for Selecting a Pool Thermometer

While choosing a pool thermometer, consider the type of pool you own, whether it’s an above-ground or in-ground pool. The location of the thermometer probe can affect its accuracy, so choose a site where you can easily see it but avoid obstructions. Another crucial aspect is the thermometer’s durability since it will be frequently exposed to harsh pool environments. Lastly, the ease of installation is essential. The thermometer should be easy to install and remove, so it doesn’t hinder the enjoyment of your pool.


What is a pool thermometer?

A pool thermometer is a device used to measure the temperature of the water in a swimming pool. It is essential in maintaining an ideal water temperature for swimming, which is typically between 78–82°F (25–28°C). Depending on the pool thermometer type, it can be submerged, float on the water’s surface, or attached to the pool’s side.

Some models also feature additional features, such as a digital display, alarm systems, or the ability to connect to a smartphone app for remote monitoring and temperature adjustment capabilities. Overall, a pool thermometer is a valuable tool for pool owners to ensure a safe and comfortable swimming experience.

What are the different types of pool thermometers available?

There are three main types of pool thermometers, each with its advantages and limitations: Manual pool thermometers, Digital pool thermometers, and Smart pool thermometers. Here’s a brief overview of each type:

  1. Manual pool thermometers are typically inexpensive and require manual insertion into the water to read the temperature. They may not be as accurate as other types, but their simplicity makes them a popular choice for budget-conscious pool owners.
  2. Digital pool thermometers provide more accurate readings and usually come with a probe that is inserted into the water. They often feature a wireless display that can be mounted nearby for easy viewing. Some digital pool thermometers also have the ability to store historical temperature data and provide alerts when the water temperature rises or falls beyond a specified range. 3) Smart pool thermometers are connected to a smartphone app, which allows for remote monitoring and temperature control. They often come with advanced features such as predictive algorithms to suggest the optimal time to turn on a pool heater or cooler to achieve the desired temperature.

How do you use a pool thermometer?

The process of using a pool thermometer varies depending on the type of thermometer you choose. Here’s a general guide for each type:

  1. For manual pool thermometers, insert the thermometer bulb into the water, making sure it is fully submerged. As water temperature influences temperature readings, wait for the thermometer to settle and read the temperature. Most require no shaking or stirring for an accurate reading. Once you have the temperature, remove the thermometer from the pool, and note the value.
  2. For digital pool thermometers, insert the probe into the water so that it is fully submerged. Turn on the device and wait for the temperature reading to update and stabilize. Most digital pool thermometers have a waterproof, wireless display that can be mounted near the pool. Consult the manufacturer’s instructions for any additional setup or configuration needed.

What should be the ideal pool temperature?

The ideal pool temperature varies depending on the users’ preferences and the predominant climate in the area where the pool is located. In general, a temperature range of 78–82°F (25–28°C) is considered comfortable and suitable for most swimmers. However, some may prefer a slightly higher or lower temperature, especially children, older adults, or individuals with certain health conditions. Consult your local health department or the CDC for more specific temperature guidelines.

If you’re concerned about safety, particularly for young children, consider using a pool thermometer with preset temperature alarms to ensure the water remains within a safe range. Pool thermometers can also help prevent overheating or freezing of the pool water, which can affect the pool’s overall health, chemical balance, and functionality of pumps and filters.

What are the benefits of using a pool thermometer?

Using a pool thermometer offers numerous benefits to pool owners, including:

  1. Maintaining a safe and comfortable water temperature for swimming, which can help prevent overheating or hypothermia, especially for children or elders who may be more sensitive to temperature changes. 2) Ensuring a consistent water temperature for recreational activities, such as diving or playing water sports. 3) Monitoring the pool’s temperature before and after using it, providing valuable insights for adjusting heating and cooling systems, ensuring the pool remains in optimal condition throughout the season.
  2. Using a digital pool thermometer with a wireless display allows pool owners to keep an eye on the temperature from a distance, eliminating the need to frequently check the pool’s temperature. 5) Smart pool thermometers with connectivity to a smartphone app enable pool owners to monitor and control the temperature remotely, providing convenience and peace of mind, especially for those with busy lifestyles. Overall, pool thermometers contribute to a safe, comfortable, and enjoyable swimming experience.

Can a pool thermometer be used for both heating and cooling?

Yes, a pool thermometer can be used for both heating and cooling purposes. Its primary function is to monitor the water temperature and provide accurate readings to help pool owners make informed decisions regarding adjusting the pool’s temperature. For heating, the thermometer can be used to check if the pool heater is reaching the desired temperature and to avoid overheating the water. For cooling, it can be used to monitor the water temperature and identify when the pool is approaching the desired temperature for cooling.

With the help of a pool thermometer, pool owners can ensure that the pool’s temperature remains within the desired range, regardless of the season or weather conditions. This can be especially useful in areas with extreme temperature fluctuations or during times when the pool is infrequently used, as it helps maintain the pool’s optimal temperature for future use. By effectively managing the pool’s temperature, a pool thermometer contributes to a more enjoyable swimming experience and a healthier pool environment.

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